5 Ways Your Child Can Give Back This Holiday Season

December 03, 2015


Team Dino in Brampton has found another way to give back to the community.  We love being a part of our community and service the families where we live.  We really enjoy the lessons it allows us to teach the children at the centre.  So, in the spirit of the season, we couldn’t resist doing a food drive to help local families!

How We Are Teaching the Chidren at Dino & Kidz About Giving Back:

1.   Hospital Visit – We have been discussing with the children how some kids unfortunately have to spend the holidays in the hospital because they are too sick to be at home with their families.  And reminding the children that the nurses and doctors will stay with those kids and take care of them.  To show our support to those children who do have to spend their Christmas in the hospital, Dino & Kidz Brampton arranged a visit to Brampton Civic Hospital.  On December 11th we will visit the hospital, read with the kids and shower them with hundreds of gifts!

Team Dino Visits Brampton Civic Hospital to give back

2.  Books – We have been reading the books that we plan to read to the children at the hospital, so the children can make the connection and feel the joy that the kids in the hospital will feel when they hear these same stories.

3.  Wrapping Gifts – Our students at Dino & Kidz have been wrapping the gifts that we will take to Brampton Civic Hospital for our visit.  They love getting so involved with the preparation, knowing how exciting it will be for those kids who get to receive and open our gifts.

4.  Food Drive - We are also running a Food Drive that will support the local Food Bank.  This is an easy initiative to explain to the children, they know what it feels like to be hungry.  And how crabby they feel when they are hungry.  The children are always surprised (and ours at home too) that there are so many children who just don’t have enough food every day.

food and toy drive box

5.  Toy Donations – As part of our Food Drive, we are also accepting Toy Donations.  There are many organizations who run Toy Drives this season, encourage your children to get involved.  Maybe it means donating a fairly new toy that they don’t play with anymore.  In our house, we use the rule, you have to give a toy to get a toy.

food and toy drive items

It is difficult for most children to imagine that another child doesn’t have the same life and basic necessities as they do.  We want to educate our children here at Dino & Kidz that every family is different, and therefore every family has different needs.  With the Christmas season, it is a great time to focus on how we can help spread some holiday cheer and give a hand out, to those who really need it.  After all, everyone deserves a happy and heathy holiday season right?

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