8 Healthy Fun with Food Ideas for Kids

July 27, 2016

We all know that introducing new foods to little ones can be challenging and it’s a task that requires patience and perseverance.  Especially when it comes to those nutritional veggies and fruits.  It’s almost like they know it’s good for them so they intentionally choose not to like it.  Well, Dino and Kidz are extending the olive branch here to you and giving you some super fun ideas to help you getting those little munchkins to not only like some healthier snacks but having fun eating them too!

Tomato Tree

tomato tree

Looks pretty easy right and fun right?  You can use pretzel sticks and tomato’s or other food like breadsticks and blueberries.

Strawberry Octopus

strawberry octopus

All you need are 2 strawberries and candy eyes to make this tasty sea monster!

Fish in the River (or boat)

fish in the river

Find some Goldfish crackers ( you could even use the coloured ones or whole wheat ones) and prepared celery stalks with your choice of cream cheese or cheese spread.  Make this extra fun by using a flavored cream cheese or add something to it for your choice of flavors. Why no even tint the cream cheese with a little blue food coloring to make it look like water.

Apple Cars

apple cars

We have done this one at home a lot with the kids and they always ask for it.  So easy and fun with just apple slices, toothpicks and grapes!  Of course, you could use other fruit for the wheels as well.

Banana Palm Trees

palm trees

 Bananas, kiwis and oranges all sliced up.  Could it be any easier?   Dreaming of an exotic vacation now?  Us too.

Apple Marshmallow Teeth

apple teeth

This is definitely one of my personal favourites, the happy smile with apple slices, marshmallows and peanut butter.  Or you could use cream cheese or Nutella as the glue!

Sea Turtles

sea turtles

Green apples, and grapes with little goldfish make these green sea turtles look so cute and edible! For the eyes you will have to get creative, mini-chocolate chips maybe with icing?

Happy Orange Snail

No supplies needed for this cute little guy except for a food safe marker/pen for the face. (I hope you are carving skills are up to par!)

We have so many more and you can find them all on our Pinterest board.


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