Dino & Kidz Autism Support Brings Joy to the Autism Community and Beyond

May 04, 2016

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Joy.  At Dino & Kidz, we strive to bring joy to our families and the children at our centres, on a daily basis.  It is the smile of enjoyment on a child’s face, the grin of satisfaction when they have accomplished something and the smile of reward that shines on the staff of Dino.  We carry this mission throughout each day at all of our education centres, our local events and even our large community events like our recent Dino Dig at the Royal Ontario Museum. 

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At our recent Dino Dig event, we rallied families together at the amazing Royal Ontario Museum in Toronto to support families with autism through Kerry’s Place.  Autism is dear to our heart and with all the changes being made to programs and funding at the government level, we felt it was important to do our part.  We wanted to do what Dino & Kidz does, bring families together, support them regardless of their needs, and bring joy. We offered Dinosaur themed crafts, paleontological digs, activities, treats, beverages and even balloons to give us the honour to interact with all these amazing families.

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Our staff are not only ECE schooled and trained but they also are Dino certified as well.  We have a standard of care that goes above and beyond the expectation of an Early Childhood Educator.  The Dino staff undergo additional training at Dino Head Office as well as additional screenings.  We make a commitment to the Dino & Kidz brand and our families to bring our level of care to the next level. Enriched superior quality daycare that suits the need of each individual child is what we stand for!

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Our commitment to our community is what sets us apart from other educational centres.  We offer incredible facilities with amazing staff to care and educate your children but we also contribute to our local communities by giving back and fundraising. When you scroll through some of the pictures from our Dino Dig here in this post, you can see what matters to us and where our focus is.  Our passion for children fuels us and motivates to ensure we are doing all we can to help your family.

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Thank you to all of the families that value our services in our centres and support us in our fundraising efforts to help other families in need. We appreciate all the love we receive from you, the children and the community. We couldn’t make any of this happen without the loyalty and kindness of everyone involved.  We, after all, are simply spreading Joy.

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