Dino & Kidz Staff Visit The Children at Brampton Civic Hospital

December 21, 2015

Here at Dino & Kidz, we talk a lot about giving back to our community, especially when it comes to children and it is days like this one that reaffirms our love for just that.

brampton hospital staff photo

As posted in the Brampton Guardian, the staff of Dino & Kidz Daycare dropped by Brampton Civic Hospital December 11, 2015 to deliver gifts wrapped by the children of the daycare, and visit with the patients of the pediatric ward.   Team Dino also spent time wrapping presents with children at the day care, before the hospital visit, to explain the importance of helping others in their community.

showing the children how to wrap gifts

The Dino and Kidz staff were unable to meet many of the children in person because of their respective illnesses, but what stood out to them was how happy the parents were, that someone had thought of their child.  It was nice to see the parent’s smiling during their difficult time and to make them feel happy, if even for a short time.  The parents were in total awe that someone was actually taking time of their day to make their children feel so special.  The staff at the Brampton and Guelph locations found this experience extremely rewarding and it has it inspired them to want to do more.  They smiles that were shared became priceless memories for everyone: parents; the children in the hospital; the staff of Dino and Kidz and the children of Dino and Kidz as well.  “We as humans, contributors to society should do more good deeds and acts of kindness like this.”

the staff of brampton hospital

The staff reflect on the children that they gifted to,  “We gave a gift to one little guy who was sitting in his hospital bed hooked up to an iv, and he was so happy.  He was to shy to open the present in front of us, but we definitely brought a smile to his face!  Another precious moment was this little girl who we gave a gift to, who insisted she have her hair done up nicely for us to come in and give her a gift….she was so sweet.”

a child from our Brampton Hospital visit
Jessica, the Director of Dino and Kidz Brampton East, reflects on her own experience with the Brampton Civic Hospital. “It made me remember the 2 weeks I spent with my son, when he was not even a month old in that same hospital pediatric unit.  Actually, I saw one of the nurses who cared for my own child, it felt so amazing to be able to give back!  Just bringing a smile, brightening someone else’s day in a dark time…. that was indescribable!”sharing a high five with the children at Dino

“It was a pleasure to bring a smile to the faces of the sick children and their families,” says Dino & Kidz president Shadi Almashni. “It was also really special that the children at our daycare got to experience the joy of giving.”

Team Dino with their bags full of toys

Happy Holidays to everyone!

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