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February 24, 2016

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Don’t tell the kids but they got a science lesson with this craft. The children at Dino & Kidz Guelph were so excited to paint the volcano and make it erupt without realizing that they were learning about how some materials react when they are mixed together.  You have heard the expression “a watched pot never boils’ right?  Well that didn’t apply to this experiment, we learned that a volcano will erupt with hot lava, even if you are watching it!  And the eruption was the best part. This experiment is Dino Approved!



  • flour
  • water
  • cardboard
  • newspaper
  • white vinegar
  • tall water bottle (empty)
  • baking soda
  • food colouring
  • mixing bowl
  • water-based tempera paint (your choice of volcano colours)



1.  Cut out a fair size piece of your cardboard, approximately 10 x 10 inches. This will be the base for your volcano and will collect most of the lava.

2.  Standing the tall empty water bottle upright, attach the bottle to the centre area of the cardboard piece.

3.  In a bowl, mix the flour and water together in equal parts, until your form a paste.  You will need approximately 8 cups of each for this size of a volcano.  This is your paper mache.

4.  Take pages of the newspaper, dip it into the flour/water mix (paper mache) and starting building a base on the bottom of the water bottle.  Keep adding the mache dipped pieces of newspaper to the top, leaving about 1.5 inches of bottle clear.  This is where your volcano will erupt.

5.  Allow the paper mache volcano to dry overnight.

6. The following day, your children can paint the volcano with the water based tempera paint.  We used red, brown and orange colours.

7.  Once the paint has dried, you can remove the water bottle from inside the volcano and cut the top off the water bottle.  This will serve as the place for your baking soda for the eruption. (Reuse, Reduce, Recycle!)

8.  Add 1/2 cup of baking soda to the water bottle and place it back into the volcano, standing upright.

9.  When you are ready to watch the volcano erupt, add your choice of food colouring along with 1/2cup of vinegar.

10.  Stand back and watch the volcano erupt out of your volcano!

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