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January 14, 2016

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How to Make Handprint Mittens


Brrr, it’s cold out there, and mittens are a definite necessity this time of year.  At Dino & Kidz Brampton, our little artists were eager to make Handprint Mittens to remind them to stay warm.  You and your little artist can easily make your own Handprint Mittens too with the instructions below.   Dino & Kidz Crafts Approved!


– your little ones’ hand

– construction paper

– scissors

– non-toxic paint (tempra or other water-based paint)

– paintbrush or sponge brush

– some water and a cloth, or wipes (to clean off the paint of the hands)

– markers



1.  Pick out a piece of paper, or let your little artist pick out their favourite colour of construction paper.

2.  Paint the inside of your little artists’ hand (palm and fingers) with your desired colour choice, with the non-toxic paint.

3.  While the paint is still wet, press the child’s hand down onto the construction paper.  Try to keep their fingers spread apart if possible.  Press down on their hand while it’s pressed to the paper to ensure a bolder hand print.

4.  When you lift their hand off the paper, you should have a perfect handprint!  Now is the time to clean the paint off their hands.

5.  Let then handprint dry on the paper.

6. Take the scissors and cut around the outline of the handprint, in a mitten shape.  You might want to take a pencil and draw the outline first to give you a guide of where to cut.

7.  Lastly, take out the markers and write their name or the date on their mittens to personalize them.  You could even break out the craft bucket and let them decorate their new mitten!

**Tip, you can cut out a handprint outline out of the construction paper before doing the pain handprint but it can be more challenging trying to get the handprint to line up on the mitten cut-out properly.  We suggest doing the cutting after the handprint is done.

handprint mittens


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