Dino & Kidz Crafts - Making a Melted Snowman

January 27, 2016

Dino & Kidz Crafts

Making a Melted Snowman


With all this white stuff on the ground, the children at Dino & Kidz were curious about how snowmen are made and how they melt.  Instead of heading outside in the frigid, -25 Celsius temperatures, we had fun creating melting snowmen with our paint and paper.  The finished product was each individual child’s interpretation of what a snowman would look like melted.  The kids at Dino & Kidz are still talking about their melted snowmen and it’s a craft will definitely keep repeating.  Dino & Kidz Crafts Approved!


  • coloured construction paper
  • White non-toxic paint (tempra or other water-based paint)
  • paintbrush or sponge brush
  • scissors
  • googly eyes
  • glue
  • small paper plate or dish



1.  Pick out a piece of paper, or let your little artist pick out their favourite colour of construction paper.

2.  Pour a small amount of the white paint onto a paper plate or dish.  Remember, the more paint you put there, the more they will want to apply to their picture.

3.  Let your little artist enjoy brushing white paint onto the paper and perhaps ask the question “What do you think a Melted Snowman would look like?”    If you are super adventurous and are comfortable with your child getting messy, don’t bother with the paint brush.  Just let them do the painting with their fingers!

4.  While the paint is drying, you can help your child to cut out the pieces of their snowmen to glue on, like a top hat, carrot nose, a bow tie or his arms.

5.  Once the glue dries, let your child glue the construction paper cut outs on to the “melted snowmen” on the paper.

6. Voila!  You have a melted snowmen ready to show off!

7.  Don’t forget to take out the markers and write their name on their artwork and perhaps a date to personalize them.

We hope you enjoy this craft as much as the Dino & Kidz children did!

Maya melting snowman


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